Keisha Sounds is a Richmond, Virginia native. This up and coming pop artist has a sound that is uniquely her own. Her intricate harmonies and smooth melodies, deliver a pop/R&B vibe with a dance edge that is undeniably enticing.


Keisha began writing music at the age of 11, and by 14, she began singing references for artist. There’s a story in every song and she puts her soul in every stroke of the pen. Working with different independent labels as a background vocalist and writer, Sounds has developed her own unique sound that is like no other. Her debut album, “A Journey into Sounds”, will be dropping in Spring 2017.


An artist in many forms, Keisha Sounds is also an avid Theater and VO actor. She works as a touring actor with Virginia Repertory Theater (Theater IV). Keisha can be seen in season 2 of the FOX Network’s, Legends and Lies playing the role of Phyllis Wheatley, as well as, the upcoming 3rd season of Legends and Lies as Harriet Tubman. Other TV credits include: Investigative Discovery’s Ice Cold Killers and Happily Never After. She also can be heard in various national and regional radio commercials.

She is thrilled to share her love of music and the stage with you, and enthusiastically takes you with her through the journey of her sound.